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After a long period of supporting roles, muscular actor Ma Dong-seok has gradually become popular with the audience and in some recent films he started to play the leading role. Following the successes in 2017-2018, Ma Dong-seok and Ji "Stupid" combined in the gangster action film Gangster Re-export (Unstoppable). The movie was heavily promoted and the Korean audience was quite popular. Along Cinema Angle review the film "Re-export Gang To", a film with spectacular action scenes at the end of this year.

Synopsis: Gang Choo (Ma Dong Seok) returns to the garden. Leaving Gypsy, Dong Chul has a peaceful life with his gentle wife Ji Soo (Song Ji Hyo). Happily, not long ago, someone arrested Dong Chul to return to the Wanderer by kidnapping his wife. Dong Chul started to follow the clues to find his wife. During that journey, the secrets are gradually revealed, sometimes the truth makes Dong Chul fall into a deadlock.

On the whole, Gang Ho Re-Export has many similarities with Taken in 2008. If in Taken, Liam Neeson is the father to rescue his daughter, in this movie, Ma Dong Seok plays the great husband Dong Chul. most of the universe to save his wife did not bother to his life.


The difference of Gang Re-Export is that director Kim Min-ho shows alternating dramatic action scenes with psychological and emotional segments between the couple Dong Chul. From watching the trailer until watching the news about the movie, the audience always looks forward to the thrilling action, fighting the gangster style, not the fleeting scenes, "dirt cake". Therefore, this representation method has been renewed, but it has made the movie circuit dragged down so that the audience does not feel "had" when watching the story.


It's been a long time since Man From Nowhere, Korean cinema has just had a pure gangster action film, the kind of way to rescue relatives so cool and quality like that. Gang To Re-export has a simple, easy-to-guess storyline, but it brings suspense and drama that makes the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen (except for some slightly overly emotional scenes).

According to some information, the script is "tailored" for Ma Dong-Seok so it is not difficult for him to shine in the movie. From the action scenes to the psychological developments, Ma Dong-Seok has successfully completed. Especially the action decisively and aggressively has always been a feature of "The Korean Rock" helping him show the charisma of a true brother and sister.

Song Ji Hyo is familiar with Vietnamese audiences with the nickname Ji "Stupid" in the reality show series Running Man and some historical dramas. In this movie, Song Ji Hyo doesn't appear much but any part of the movie is well made. Song Ji Hyo as Ji-soo plays an important role in helping to show the strength of a woman against crime. The most interesting part is probably when Ji-soo flexibly thought of a way to escape and not be afraid of gangsters.

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Review of Gang To Re-Film is a pretty good gangster action film, creating emotions for viewers. A film that is pleasing to the eye, but also emotional and meaningful, suitable for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

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